People around the world enjoy playing lotto games. Whether it is the lure of the big jackpot or just the thrill and excitement of winning something, these games are extremely popular. Of course, it isn’t possible to win all the time, but there are some things that you can do to increase your chances at winning.

Find games that have fewer players with minor prizes. People tend to shy away from these kinds of games because they do not pay out as much. Games such as Mega Millions and Super Jackpots are played by many because they offer larger prizes.

If you choose to play lotto games where you must pick numbers in a certain order, be sure to always “box” your selection. In a typical pick 3 game, players must choose three numbers between zero and nine. If you play 721 straight, but the winning number is 271 you lose. However, if you box your play, you would win. Boxing means that as long as you pick the correct numbers, the order is irrelevant.

An easy strategy to help increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets. That can become expensive so you could always find a group of people to play with. Pooling the resources of several people together allows the group to buy more tickets and increase the likelihood of winning. Many times, lotto pools will use the wheeling method. This helps a group cover more numbers and, once again, increase the chances of a win.